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BTE Solutions

This is a great solution for individuals who are concerned with how an earmold appears cosmetically.

Earbud Solutions

These earmold solutions preserve hearing and ear health

Specialty Solutions

Depending on your profession, you may need a customized solution to help maximize their hearing experience.

RIC Solutions

RIC earmolds provide a distinct advantage in that the receiver can be changed out in the office.

Premium Custom Earmolds & Earplugs Manufacturing

Established in 1958, Oto Hearing Products is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality custom ear plugs and various hearing protection located in Surrey, British Columbia Canada.
Cutting -edge technology

Custom 3D Printed Earmolds and Earplugs

Technology is the driving force at Oto Hearing. Since becoming one of the first labs in British Columbia authorized by Natus OTOScan to start 3D printing, we have used the Asiga printers to create the perfect custom fit experience with all our products. We are currently partnered with over 900 clinics across Canada with plans to broaden our reach further in the coming years.

Who we are

Empowering People Through Hearing

Oto is a full service laboratory that sets high standards to provide quality service ear plugs, hearing protection products and materials. Our policy guarantees mutual satisfaction to make every effort to share in the responsibility of making sure that ear plug fittings of products and quality exceed customer satisfaction. Prevent your hearing loss by having a look at our line of ear plug products.
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See What Makes Our Earmolds Special

Our custom earmolds are designed to fit your client’s needs in any situation

Shell Mold Details

This mold style serves the same purpose as the skeleton, although the shell-like design of the mold provides a better seal. The shell mold has better retention, and reduces feedback problems.

Skeleton Mold Details

This is the most popular of all earmolds because of its inconspicuous appearance. It can be used in all BTE applications.

Standard Mold Details

This mold style is used for hearing aids that have an external receiver that is snapped into a fitting in the earmold.

Half Shell Details

Our half shell mold is very similar to the shell mold, but has been designed without the helix portion. It gives the mold an inconspicuous appearance.

Canal Details

This earmold is of light weight, and offers good concealment. A lock in the concha provides better retention in the ear.

The Oto Hearing Difference

Our innovative strength lies in each ear plug product as every custom ear plug is a personal fit. Our materials are among the best that the market presently has to offer. With the change in this rapid industry, the need for custom made hearing devices and ear protection is increasing daily. We consider our lab to have a high degree of specialization as we manufacture over 40 various custom products.

Oto Hearing Products ensures that we meet all customer’s high quality standards. We are creative in adapting to the challenges our customers may have…any request is not unheard of – if you don’t see it, we invite requests!

Affordable Prices

Even though our products are reasonably priced, they don't skimp on the quality.

Experienced Team

Having been established for over 50 years, we know what it takes to make a custom earmold the right way

Customer Support

If there's a problem with your product, please let us know. We are more than happy to help solve your issue.

Ear Defenders

Custom made ear plugs will provide the best hearing protection. Many people don’t realize that occasional and intermittent noise in the workplace increases the rate of natural hearing loss.

ATC Pilot’s Headset Mold

We have supplied numerous airline pilots and air traffic controllers with custom ATC earmolds, giving them comfort and accessibility of aviation communications without a headband. Our ATC earmold can be attached to a pilot's headset which consists of a boom microphone and receiver. 

Musician Earplugs

Oto Hearing is an authorized manufacturer by Etymotic Research to manufacture ER Musician earplugs that are required to use an acoustic mass meter to verify that these earplugs have the correct volume of air in the sound bore to produce flat attenuation when the filters are in place

Floatable Swim Molds

Oto Hearing Products produces floatable Swim Molds for swimming, and can prevent infections or other problems before they start, such as hearing loss at a later stage.

Sleeper Mold

Sleeper molds are delicately sculpted from the softest medical grade silicone for the most comfortable ear plug experience available. The molds are dished out in the concha to give you a less bulky feeling while laying down
How it Works

Finding the Right Earplug or Earmold is a Simple Process

As a leader in custom earmolds, Oto Hearing offers a wide range of earmolds specific to every need.


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