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Vancouver's Top Earmold Laboratory

We are an earmold manufacturing company located in Surrey, BC that specializes in custom earmold ear defenders, swim molds, musician molds earbuds and sleeper molds.
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Protecting Hearing Through Technology

Over 50 years ago we started as a BTE earmold laboratory. Our primary purpose was to supply the hard of hearing community with various behind the ear custom hearing molds. However the dynamics over the past decades have changed. Due to the rapid change in individual lifestyles and the technology industry has driven Oto to expand our product line in various applications.

We are pleased to present this website which contains a concise description of our products and services. If you have specific detailed requirements or needs, please contact our personnel for that specific product.

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Years of Experience

The Best Source For Hearing Protection

When you choose Oto Hearing, you partner with the leader in hearing protection and custom products, experienced specialists who provide the best hearing protection possible.


The fit and craftsmanship of our custom earplugs and earmolds are exceptional


Industry-leading customer service puts our customers needs first


We use cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative products

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Unique Colors & Craftmanship

Creating the various types of earmolds requires numerous steps and procedures within the specialized departments.

After the impression enters the lab, it then proceeds to the waxing department, where it is masked of any flaws. The molds are then cast where colors and materials are injected. Because each hearing loss is different, Oto’s technicians tailor the specific mold with the proper diagnostics that pertains to those individuals needs by shaping, drilling and venting the earmold.

Once these requested options are maintained, final buffing and tubing takes place and is released to the shipping department.

Dipping of Molda

Earmold Customization

At Oto Hearing Products, we take pride in personally customizing each product piece. To get the beautiful shiny finish on each silicone Ear Defender, our technicians take the time to dip each earmold in a heat curing lacquer.

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