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Libby Horn's

Specifcally built for any line of communication

Libby Horn - 6EF - Style #29

This earmold style is suitable for small adult canals and children’s ears, and provides 8-10 dB greater high frequency response above 2000 Hz. The 3 mm Libby horn can be shortened to accommodate smaller canals. However, the 22 mm length of the 3 mm sound channel should be kept.

Libby Horn - 8CR Mold - Style #30

This style was designed to provide a smooth response extended to 8000 Hz and a maximum response at 2700 Hz to compensate for the loss of canal resonance caused by occlusion effect. The last 11mm of the earmold’s sound channel serves as the last section of the horn.

CFA - Half Bore Cut Mold - Style #19

This Libby horn earmold was designed to be damped, stepped-bore version of the acoustic modifier earmold, a high frequency earmold with a 6000 Hz cutoff frequency. Note: damping smooths response, but lowers gain and output.

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