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Many people are seen each year at medical facilities due to ear infections or other ear related issues as a result from swimming and bathing. The prevention of water entering the ear canal, whether from swimming or showering, is an important consideration. Oto Hearing Products produces floatable Swim Molds for swimming, and can prevent infections or other problems before they start, such as hearing loss at a later stage.

By sealing the entrance to the ear canal, waterproof ear plugs keep water out of the sensitive region inside the ear canal. Swim Molds are ideal for water sports, recreational swimming, daily showering and individuals whom suffer from chronic ear infections. Oto’s Swim Molds are manufactured from a soft, 100% floatable silicone which is comfortable to wear and prevent a tight seal to make sure no water enters the ear. Swim Molds are available in eleven fluorescent colors plus an option of two to three color swirls. The Swim Mold box is located under the SPECIALTY CUSTOM EARMOLDS section, box #11 on our order form


When you pair up Oto’s floatable Swim Molds with an Ear Band-it, not only do you get extra protection from water entering the ear, but it is comfortable and easy to wear. The Ear Band-it also protects against swimmer’s ear and is recommended by physicians for swimmers with ear tubes or ear drum perforations.

This Neoprene adjustable headband comes in a variety of colors, fits all ages and most of all kids love them!

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