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Custom Sleeper Molds

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Find Peace with Sleeper Molds

Sensitive Design and Comfort

Trying to read a book, study in a library or are you having sleepless nights, because your signifcant other keeps you up with their snoring…

Sleeper molds are delicately sculpted from the softest medical grade silicone for the most comfortable ear plug experience available. The molds are dished out in the concha to give you a less bulky feeling while laying down.  Ideal for sleeping, reading, travelling and anywhere where quietness is desired.  The Sleeper Mold box can be located under the SPECIALTY CUSTOM EARMOLDS section, box #14 on our order form. Available in all colours and glitter options.

Various Sleeper Mold Options

Full Shell Sleeper Mold

Canal Sleeper Mold

Half Shell Sleeper Mold

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